Joseph Hendrix Photography

I retired from the United States Air Force in 2013 after serving as an Enlisted Airman as well as a Commissioned Officer and an Air Force Federal employee for almost 40 years and have been very fortunate to have traveled as extensively as I have. The photography I have chosen to share with you has very special significance to me. Each image was taken with the greatest skill and determination that I have to offer. As you will see, there are very few images with people in them. It's not because I don't like people (I love people); it just wasn't the way I wanted to capture the views. Funny, my daughter accompanying me on my photo shoots would always ask; Dad, how long are you going to stand there and wait for those people to move out of your picture? Actually, I hated to put her through that but, hopefully you will see the results of my labor as you maneuver through the web-site. Note: Please check out my additional website at: - perhaps you'll see some places you've been.
Best wishes - Joseph Hendrix